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female breast injuries

Breast injuries still a taboo in female athletes???

“No one has ever asked me that!”

Breast injuries.
still a taboo in female athletes???

  • With the increase in female participation in contact sports breast injuries are becoming more common
  • A breast injury is the result of a blow or impact to the breast that causes breast swelling, pain and bruising.
  • Breast Injuries be treated.

It is a newly identified female, specific sports injury. Mechanism of injury is sports specific for example in contact sports like rugby the most common mechanism was impact with another athlete whereas in sports like cricket and softball injuries were caused due to impact with the ball or the ground.

  • Athletes reported negative impact on performance by limiting their ability to run, perform forceful movements of the arms and mentally focus on the game.
  • The most common long term consequence reported is breast fat necrosis resulting in fibrous or calcified lumps.
  • These lumps are not breast cancer, and previous breast trauma is not a risk factor for breast cancer.
  • It is therefore, important that breast injuries are reviewed and monitored by a doctor to ensure complete breast tissue recovery. Sports clinicians and women’s sporting organisations need to ensure female athletes are educated about breast injuries to ensure they report them to enable these injuries to be treated and monitored for breast tissue recovery and to prevent long term consequences.
Can Breast Injuries be treated??
Yes, Breast injuries can be treated!
  • Report a breast injury immediately after it occurs so that the pain can be relieved, and the acute soft tissue injury (swelling, bruising) can be treated.  This will enhance and speed up breast tissue recovery time and limit the risk of long term consequences, and the negative impact breast injuries are known to have on athletic performance.
Can breast injuries be prevented??
  • Female specific breast protective equipment is currently available for women to wear as a protective measure however, there is currently no evidence that any product on the market can attenuate the force that a breast experiences during a breast injury. High support sports bras that hold the breasts firmly to the chest wall are also perceived in multiple contact and combat sports to protect from breast injuries.

Reference and for further information: Breast Research Australia, Sports Medicine Australia

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