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Physiotherapist services available to you in Our Queanbeyan Physio Centre

Queanbeyan Physio | Queanbeyan Sports Physio


Physiotherapy helps you accelerate your recovery after surgery or accidents. Our highly trained team of physiotherapists can help get back on your feet in a friendly environment.


Movement Check Up

This is a comprehensive assessment aimed at promoting musculoskeletal health, preventing injuries, and improving overall movement and function

Queanbeyan Pilates Classes

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a valuable tool for individuals seeking rehabilitation, injury prevention, or overall improvement in physical health.

Osteoarthritis Queanbeyan Physio Classes


There is a simpler, more reliable way to manage your pain than costly invasive surgery.

Remedial Massage | Queanbeyan Sports Physio

Remedial Massage

Address musculoskeletal issues and promote healing and relaxation with a Remedial Massage at Queanbeyan Physio.



Onero™ is a high intensity resistance and impact exercise program to strengthen bone and muscle. The program is especially designed for people with low bone mass.

the balance

Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Centre has been established in Queanbeyan since 1985.

We are a multi skilled team of fully qualified professionals, with more than 60 years experience including a Sports Physiotherapist.

Our philosophy is simple …
“Restore the Balance”

After a thorough assessment which may include a series of tests to determine strength, mobility, posture, quality of movement and body mechanics, your physiotherapist will provide a diagnosis and plan with you a programme of treatment aimed primarily at regaining normal function or ‘restoring the balance’.

Treatment is drug free and may include manual therapy, movement training, massage or posture advice, dry needling and exercise, either home based or in our extensive rehabilitation gym.

We have a Pilates Reformer bed, cardio, strengthening and a wide range of balance and stability equipment that can be incorporated in your rehabilitation. The type and extent of your injury will determine the techniques used and the duration of the treatment.

We are able to offer a wide range of services to manage spinal and orthopaedic conditions, back and neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, women’s health, motor vehicle or work related injuries, overuse syndromes, post-operative rehabilitation or any other muscle or joint problem.

We also provide posture checks and advice on fitness programmes including weight training and exercise prescription.

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Why Work With Us

Experienced Team

3 experienced physiotherapists including Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist offering varying treatment styles and areas of clinical interest


Unlimited Professional Development budget (relevant to clinical and personal growth and desired clinical pathway)


Exposure to industry leading training systems and mentors


Formal career pathway for clinicians

We are a multi-skilled team of fully qualified professionals, with a total of 60 years experience.

Client Reviews

“I made an appointment to try and get mobile again after breaking my tibia and fibula. After 6 weeks of non weight bearing and having rheumatoid arthritis I needed extra help. Queanbeyan Physio were brilliant.

They understood the RA and how flaring caused issues and how working with a broken and then formerly broken leg caused more flares. The weeks I had set backs due to inflammation he was understanding and pointed out what had improved.

I travel for work and have seen numerous physiotherapists around the country. I can honestly say this one of the best if not the best I’ve been to. It’s obvious that it’s a happy workplace by the attitudes of staff. I am to be honest fat and at no time was that an issue. I was never fat shamed or told my weight was my issue.

I would highly recommend anyone needing physiotherapy to come here.”

Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review
Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review
Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review
Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review
Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review
Queanbeyan Physiotherapy Google Review

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