My name is Paul and in 1987 I had a serious vehicle accident. I had a number of injuries but the main permanent one was to my lower back. It appears that I had compressed a disk and this seems to have pinched a nerve. This cause what I termed “eye bulging pain”. Since then I have tried most solutions necessary in order that I could cope with the pain, continue my career, and be an active father to my four sons. During this time I have had periods of moderate pain and periods when it was very bad but I was rarely pain free. These attempts at finding a solution have included chiropractics, exercise therapy, physio (in a number of forms) and cold (Dry?) needles. I even tried pain therapy where you give up on the source and focus on the outcome. Being in pain has impacted on my relationships, my state of mind and my ability to work. Last year at the suggestion of my doctor I gave Queanbeyan Physiotherapy a go. When we started working together I was in considerable pain and was on the verge of giving up work. At first the cold (Dry?) needles, massage and palettes seemed too gentle to assist in any meaningful way and prepared myself to moving forward as I had in the past. I cannot recall when I noticed a difference but after about four months I started to notice that I was sleeping better and my pain was being reduced. Since then I have done some challenging bush walking in New Zealand and Tasmania and am still working. I have also noticed that my headaches have reduced. I am still not perfect but I am a long way from the person that started last year. Thank you for your efforts and giving me my life back. Regards, Paul.